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Solution Design

Providing One Stop Professional Complete Solution Design

Our experienced engineering team coupled with cutting edge manufacturing processes allows TPS to design and produce technically advanced, performance proven battery and charger solutions for a wide range of applications.

Well versed in all battery chemistries, TPS Engineers and Program Managers interact closely with customers to create power solutions that meet the most exacting specification and performance requirements. Battery design features can include 3D modeling, fuel gauges (SMBus, I2C, HDQ), active cell balancing, LED drivers, primary safety circuits, secondary overvoltage protection and battery ID. In addition, our designs include enhanced safety features such as built in redundancy, auto temperature cut-off, resettable fuses and thermistors as prescribed in our “Best Practices” approach to design.

Whether it’s UL, CE, UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, etc, you need, our Engineers will design for success and will coordinate testing efforts with the various agencies as required.

Successful designs require multiple disciplines coming together throughout the design phases and include personnel from Manufacturing, QA, and Process Engineering. This utilization of experience coupled with analytical detail result in the highest quality finished product with a quick turnaround.

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